{UcL}Skordy attempts to kill {UcL}Mattssn with a pick axe on Rust!

{UcL}Skordy testing the waters of Loadout.

{UcL}Zeya showing us how it's done in this Black Ops 2 Montage.

The UcL Gamers take on Black Ops 2 bots on veteran difficulty.

A beautiful sunset from one of our Minecraft servers.

{UcL}Eagle about to get smoked in the back!

{UcL}Zeya sniping Caspian Boarder on Battlefield 4!

United Combat League is a gaming community comprised of multiple clans from multiple games. We use a very unique format to help work together to increace ownership, loyalty, and enjoyment from multiple games. Each member clan focuses on a specific game and are experts in what they do. By having multiple clans working within United Combat League, we all work together to build activity on our servers. We are a very open minded group and is always growing, and getting into more games. UcL is powered by a great group of Administrators that manage the joint systems like our website and forums, but all member clans are self directed and self governed. Please do not hesitate to stop by our Teamspeak 3 server to hang out and chat with us. Guests are welcome at any time, but are asked to adhere to the rules stated below. If you have any thoughts or ideas for UcL, please visit our forums. Thanks for visiting and we hope you will find a home with us.