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Introducing my very first game: Cube Dash! Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure through 3 thrilling levels, dodging obstacles at breakneck speed. Can you conquer the challenges and reach the finish line? Test your skills and find out!

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Supercraft-mc Java

SuperCraft-MC is a 1.20+ Bungee server with many adventures that await you! Join today!


Supercraft-ATM9 Forge

This is our Official All the Mods 9 server. No banned items just banned players! Do you have what it takes?


SuperCraft-mc Bedrock

This is our Bedrock/PE server! What exciting adventure awaits you, will you only survive or will you thrive?


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{UcL}Gamers and friends out here getting the W in the games we play! Come out here and get your W in the winners circle. You can submit your screenshot on our discord!

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Every other Wednesday night starting at 19:00

Nostalgia night

It’s time to get into the game with Thats_Rotten and friends and get down on some old-school Call of Duty! We will be playing a variety of game modes and missions. Are you ready to enlist?

Friday nights starting at 20:00

What a save!

Hanging out with Skordy in this Crazy fast paced game of car soccer! Do you have what it takes to get the next SAVE? Join the fun and find out this Friday!

Sunday nights starting at 20:00

ssSSssss Boom!

In a world where anything can happen, you wake up with this un controllable urge to punch trees and build shit! Come play any SuperCraft-MC server with Zeya187

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This is an amazing server you should all join you wont regret it!


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Let’s rewind to March 17th when I was deep into a game of Call of Duty MW3. Everything was going smoothly until I encountered a player named Jodu who managed to get the drop on me during the match. Feeling determined to avenge my untimely demise, I made a vow in the chat, expressing my intent to come back for him (all in the spirit of the game, of course). As the round drew to a close, Jodu began spewing the typical trash talk that’s all too common in online gaming. In response, I decided to inject a bit of humor and used some soundboard effects, including a Biden “STFU” and a crying baby sound, to playfully poke fun at his behavior. Little did I know, Jodu took it personally and decided to escalate things by visiting my Steam profile page to continue his tirade.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Despite my harmless intentions and the fact that I had already moved on from the incident within seconds, Jodu failed to realize that the voices he heard were nothing more than pre-recorded sounds from a soundboard. This whole situation serves as a reminder that one should always pause and think before reacting impulsively. Otherwise, you might just end up making a fool of yourself, like Jodu did in this case.