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Calling all adventurers! Your voice matters in shaping the future of our beloved SuperCraft-MC server. We invite you to participate in our community vote to help us decide on upcoming features, events, and improvements.

Whether you’re eager to see new game modes, exciting plugins, or themed events, this is your chance to make your opinion heard. Together, let’s ensure that SuperCraft-MC continues to evolve into the ultimate gaming destination for all players.

Cast your vote now and be a part of the journey towards even greater adventures in SuperCraft-MC! 🌟




Welcome to the SuperCraft-MC forum, where {UcL}Gamers unveil thrilling worlds! Prepare for strategy meets adrenaline in epic battles across four servers united by an epic hub. Seamlessly traverse between Survival multiplayer wonderlands, Bedwars arenas, Creative realms, and faction battlegrounds.

Survive, thrive, and explore mini-games, player shops, and premium plugins in World 1. Test your skills in Bedwars across multiple arenas in Server 2. Unleash creativity on expansive plots in Server 3, and engage in epic faction conflicts in Server 4. Forge alliances, sharpen your skills, and leave your mark on SuperCraft-MC’s history. Join us now for an unforgettable journey!



Dear SuperCraft-MC Community,

Welcome to the Bug Reports forum for our beloved server! This space is dedicated to gathering and addressing any technical issues or glitches encountered by our players while exploring the vast worlds of SuperCraft-MC.

To ensure the smooth operation of our server and provide the best possible gaming experience for all, we encourage players to report any bugs or unexpected behavior they encounter during their gameplay sessions. Whether it’s a minor inconvenience or a major gameplay issue, your feedback is invaluable in helping us identify and resolve issues promptly.

Please follow the template below when submitting bug reports to ensure clarity and efficiency:

Bug Description: (Briefly describe the issue encountered) Steps to Reproduce: (Provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue) Expected Behavior: (Describe what should have happened instead) Additional Information: (Any relevant details or observations about the bug) Impact: (Assess the impact of the bug on gameplay) Priority: (Indicate the urgency of addressing the issue) Attachments: (Include any screenshots, videos, or other relevant files to assist in troubleshooting)

Together, let’s work towards maintaining a high-quality gaming environment where every player can enjoy a seamless and immersive experience on SuperCraft-MC. Your contributions to the Bug Reports forum are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your support and dedication to our community.



Welcome to the thrilling worlds of {UcL}Gamers, creators of the SuperCraft-MC server! Prepare for strategic battles and adrenaline-fueled action where every move shapes the outcome. But it’s more than just Minecraft – it’s a bungee network extravaganza! Explore four servers linked by a central hub, offering endless possibilities.

With the power of the Vortex, seamlessly traverse between worlds. Dive into Survival multiplayer, epic Bedwars arenas, expansive Creative plots, and faction battlegrounds. Join us, forge alliances, and etch your legacy into the annals of SuperCraft-MC history. The adventure awaits – are you ready?

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